The Bumpy Road to Vet School

I, a city raised Jersey girl, went to school in south of the Mason Dixon line and came back a farm girl.

There was no denying it. A year ago I was more city slicker, without a speck of dirt on my jeans (on the rare occasion I wore jeans),  dressed to the nines, and my version of embracing the outdoors was walking the 10 feet to my car to go to the mall.

And the more I got involved with the life I thought I wanted, a life of comfort, convenience, and high fashion, the more I found it so unfulfilling.

I became bored, and lost passion for my future, and was apathetic about where everything was going. In layman’s terms; I really just didn’t know.

If you told me a year ago, that I, Liana, would develop a weird Jersey-Virginian accent, switch my major of study from Fashion Merchandising to Pre-Veterinary Meds, ditch 16601651_964001390397017_3251287683827782013_ohigh heels for cowboy boots and become a barn hand for an internship, I would’ve laughed and told you you were crazy.

Because in my mind it was never gonna happen.

But, on the other hand, I was discontent with where I was at. Physically, mentally, spiritually.

And I had two choices; to stay stagnant, or to move my butt, and grow where the Good Lord placed me.

I moved.

I’ve always known that life takes some twists and turns and bumps in the road. There are lessons and personal regrets, relationships both made and lost, but also the sovereignty of God’s hand through it all.

And it seems the more I trust Him with this uncomfortable, and sometimes daunting journey I’ve dubbed my “bumpy road to veterinary school,” the more things fall into place.

Like the spark in my little heart had finally been lit, I began chasing fearlessly after the challenge that had been placed in my life; rising up to meet it.  This was more than just a career change for me, it was a lifestyle transition and a day by day refinement.

My days are no longer filled with wondering where I was going, because I know where I am called to be.

Though I am by no means a rocket scientist, and the days working hard sometimes turn into nights, my soul feels like it’s thriving, and striving after something that it’s needed all a long.

Thanks a bunch for following me on this bumpy road to vet school. May it be filled with blessings, adventure, challenges, and good coffee for all.






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